Bankruptcy requests

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Bankruptcy requests

Notwithstanding reminders, your debtor does not pay your outstanding invoice? Then you can start a collection procedure. But do you have doubts about whether or not your debtor offers redress?

Jans Corporate Law Firm can file a bankruptcy petition on your behalf in which you request the declaration of bankruptcy of your debtor.

A bankruptcy petition may then be the appropriate means to put sufficient pressure on the debtor to obtain payment in a simple and reasonably covering way. Non-payment results in his or her bankruptcy.

Is payment being made under pressure from the request? the better, you have your money. Is payment not made and does your debtor go bankrupt? then you know for sure that there were no means to settle your claim and you, as an entrepreneur, only have to write off the relatively low costs of the bankruptcy petition. Sometimes even then you still see part of your claim paid after the bankruptcy has been settled.

The bankruptcy trustee appointed by the court will of course try to get as much of all claims as possible, including your claim from the bankrupt.

Jans Corporate Law Firm handles bankruptcy applications for attractive fixed all-in prices.

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