Corporate Law

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Corporate Law

Entrepreneurship is an art in itself and that is what you prefer to do as an entrepreneur, but you have to also deal with corporate law in that case. 

After all, corporate law deals with everything that affects entrepreneurs. From contracts to general terms and conditions.

Jans Corporate Law Firm can guide and assist you so that you can concentrate on doing business.

Agreements and general terms and conditions

An important part and the basis of doing business is what you agree with each other and what conditions apply to it. That way you can always fall back on a good contractual basis and good general terms and conditions that exclude most risks for you.

A good contract and associated general terms and conditions ensure that you can focus on doing business. If a dispute does arise, you can fall back on that contract. 

Jans Corporate Law Firm has extensive experience in drafting (model) agreements and drafting tailor-made general terms and conditions that you can use every time. Contact us for our attractive all-in prices.

Resolving conflicts

Jans Corporate Law Firm solves your conflict. Preferably through mediation or through a settlement. But if you have to, we will also go all out for you, from debt collection to seizure of assets of your debtor. As a lawyer, we always weigh your chances with the interests of you as an entrepreneur being paramount to us. 

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