Intellectual property law

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Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law is the collective name for rights to intellectual creations. For example, have you designed a logo yourself? then you have the exclusive rights to it. It is then a matter of safeguarding and protecting these rights. After all, your logo ensures that you can be recognized in (trade) traffic and ensures that customers recognize you and work with you. For example, your trade name also ensures this. Jans Corporate Law Firm can help you protect these too.

Trademark protection

Your products and services distinguish themselves from the competition because they are also connected to your brand.

Protection of your brand is therefore of great importance. Your brand is only optimally protected after its registration at, for example, a national trademark registration office. You can record this at, for example, the Benelux Trademark Office. You then have the trademark right. This trademark right gives you an exclusive right to use your brand for the services and products that you offer. You can also prohibit others from using your brand or a brand that looks like yours. You do not want another person to benefit from the brand awareness that you have built up?

Words, logos, colors, design and sounds. They are all eligible for trademark protection. The registration of a trademark depends on the countries in which you want to register your trademark. In addition, each trademark register has its own registration.

For example, registration is possible at national level (Benelux), at EU level or at international level. Jans Corporate Law Firm, draws up optimum coverage in consultation with you. Do you have questions about brand name protection or do you want to register your brand immediately?

Please contact Jans Corporate Law Firm, we will gladly inform you about the possibilities. We can often offer you an attractive all-in price for the registration, and thus protection, of your brand.

Trade Name Protection

A trade name is the name under which the company is run. this is how the public recognizes your company. You are entitled to that trade name and only you may use that name.

A trade name does not have to be registered in the trade register to be protected. The company that is the first to use a trade name in society is protected. However, the trade name must then actually be used in public.

On the basis of trade name law, an entrepreneur can take action against other entrepreneurs with the same name or a name that is very similar.

Do you want to know more about protecting the trade name and enforcing your rights to it? Jans Corporate Law Firm, can tell you more about this.

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